A little something about me


I don’t just write a blog but I live it. My friends describe me as a lonely traveller, wandering about with very little money and an ever hungry stomach. Conversations and beer are my favourite pastimes. I often Click to travel and travel to click. Usually taking the path less explored, I have a camera as my only companion. I would rather engage with the home-grown dwellers to unfold the hidden treasures of travelling. Postcards and Flying Carpets is an attempt to reflect what I have seen, heard and learnt through my experiences of travelling beyond the boundaries of my hometown and sometimes the country that I live in. I like exploring elements of mystery in my expeditions. Be it visiting an ancient temple where human beings were sacrificed or meeting a spiritual sage who lifts a boulder with his genitals.

A designer when I’m not travelling, I am, in fact a Design Thinker all the time. 12 years of corporate jobs didn’t do much good and I put them behind me to do what I really am passionate about. I also indulge in crafts and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects because I love playing with concrete, wood and clay. If you are into putting your ideas and getting your hands dirty to create beautiful stuff, follow me closely as I plan to share some crazy creative ideas soon.

I love to photograph people, mostly young children and often do quite a few wedding shoots. I prefer a Canon for all my shoots and wouldn’t hesitate to also use my iPhone camera sometimes in my professional shoots because I personally think the camera is great.

Whether it is eating a scrumptious meal or just cooking one, I love to indulge in food. I enjoy experimenting with food and am a staunch believer of “You eat what you see”.

Follow my Blog if You…

  • are keen on finding out about the best places to wander about when you are travelling
  • are a foodie and would like to give your taste buds the best treat ever
  • get excited about visiting a place haunted with its spookiness
  • can use a bit of creativity to make some of the most awesome things… easily.
  • are interested in one/all the above without burning a hole in your pockets.
  • are a friend who simply loves to see beautiful photographs

Let’s begin our journey